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Abroad opportunities

In this section users and visitors of Czech Republic Product web sites have opportunity to watch current online database of foreign supplies and demands. In early time you will be able to put in own supplies and demands.

Date Kind Country Name
11/07/2017 demand Italy Toothed gear components
11/07/2017 demand Israel Locks, handles and other metal accessories for windows and doors
10/07/2017 demand Russia Vacuum pump for sludge extraction
07/07/2017 demand Nigeria Furniture, sofas
04/07/2017 tender Bosnia and Herzegovina Provision of consulting services for the transfer of Czech experience in the automotive industry
03/07/2017 demand France Steel castings up to 10 kg, machined, coated
30/06/2017 tender Moldova Consulting services - establishment of trade associations
30/06/2017 demand Spain Sourcing Days - Supply of dental products
26/06/2017 demand France Production of rounded steel rings of exact dimensions
26/06/2017 demand Belgium Waterboilers/thermal storage vessels for domestic applications
26/06/2017 demand Brazil Machines for the production of PET bottles of 30 liters and machines for making preforms
26/06/2017 tender Tajikistan Water meters and pressure gauges
26/06/2017 investment Ukraine Kyjevské investiční fórum - investice do oblasti turistiky
25/06/2017 demand United States Baby clothing, 100% cotton goods for sizes Newborn through 24month
23/06/2017 demand South Korea Various types of cheese
22/06/2017 demand Greece Purchase of fish by-products from fish processing
22/06/2017 demand South Korea Medical devices for the Korean esthetic market - especially for dermatology
22/06/2017 demand Greece Exhausts for passenger cars and their components
22/06/2017 demand Greece Import and export of dairy products
21/06/2017 tender Slovenia Police horses
21/06/2017 tender Slovenia Police dogs
21/06/2017 tender Philippines Preparation of tenders for the National Grid Corporation of Philippines (NGCP)
21/06/2017 demand Morocco Automotive industry - developer activity, custom cabling, assembly tools
21/06/2017 demand Austria Refurbishment of office space
21/06/2017 demand Chile Steam boilers
21/06/2017 demand Brazil Cardiac valves
21/06/2017 demand Spain Hardened glass for bathrooms
20/06/2017 investment Algeria Satellite radiocommunications stations
20/06/2017 tender Algeria Heifers in Calves
19/06/2017 tender Algeria Components for the production of natural gas stoves
19/06/2017 tender Slovenia Measuring equipment for road load capacity
19/06/2017 tender Slovenia Emergency vehicles and passenger vehicle
19/06/2017 investment Ukraine Privatization of the Tsentrenegro power plant
19/06/2017 investment Ukraine Privatization of the Zaporizhyaoblenergo distribution company
19/06/2017 investment Ukraine Privatization of the Kharkivoblenergo distribution company
19/06/2017 tender Mali Veterinary Vaccines
19/06/2017 tender Thailand Supply of transformer
19/06/2017 tender Lithuania Regular renewal of Vilnius Public Transport Vehicle Park