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Czech Republic Product

The Czech Republic Product is aimed at presentation of Czech products, technologies and services worldwide. The Czech Republic Product was created to promote entrepreneurship and displays a wide range of products and services which the Czech market offers. A major aspect is an improvement of awareness of the Czech Republic and its first-rate products and help the Czech producers with the export or with searching new trading partners abroad. The project is not meant only for exporters, but also the aim is at the same time to promote small businessmen and sole traders who can offer their products and services to the tourists coming to the Czech Republic or to the foreigners living there in the long term.

The vision of the company is to be the prominent player in the process of searching for products and companies all over the world through the innovative technologies, and as a consequence increase the trade with Czech companies. These activities will be not only contribution to growth and development of companies, but primarily will lead to the improvement of global awareness and attitude towards the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic Product created a friendly platform for an online presentation of Czech products and services which try to penetrate new markets. The project was created on the basis of good experience form abroad. The Czech Republic Product is a powerful marketing tool and in today's modern world offers a unique opportunity for addressing a wide range of potential customers. We put emphasis on current trends of internet marketing during the creation of the websites, optimization using SEO and the websites were registered in a wide range of popular search engines.

The implementing team The Czech Republic Product consists of experts on IT, graphic, foreign commerce and management. Part of the team is also a network of translators whose services are reliable. Simultaneously, the team of sales representatives is prepared and they will take care of your company and your reputation on the Czech Republic Product websites.

All trade relationships which would be created using the Czech Republic Product platform are direct and the company does not receive any commission for mediation of trades realized via the website.